Locomotives at Promontory; May 10 1869

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Locomotives at Promontory; May 10 1869

Post by Curtis Reid » Tue May 22, 2018 10:46 am

Aside from the well-known CP No. 60 and UP No. 119, what other locomotives were at Promontory on May 10?
From a set of maps by Gereld Best (HISTORICAL BASE MAP AND DOCUMENTED NARRATIVE 1869 page 62; http://npshistory.com/publications/gosp/hbm.pdf ) comes the following:
Early morning (map only shows the CP side):
CP No. 60
CP No. 61
2x unknown CP locos

At noon:
CP No. 60
UP No. 60
UP No. 119
2x UP 119-class loco (maybe one is No. 117?)
1x diamond-stacked loco

Question: what happened to the other CP locomotives? or are they just west of the noon map (it doesn't go as far west as the morning map)? Any guesses for the unidentified locomotives?

Edit: 2nd No 60 on the map is actually UP No 60 (ironically, another Schenectady locomotive; same as CP No. 60)

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