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new member from Germany

Post by Rene » Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:58 am

Hi, this is Rene from Germany.

As far as english is not my mother language pls. forgive me if my diction is funny or sometimes strange for you... :)

Why I´m here..?
In 2015 i bought a small starting set from LGB in G scale....... Beginning 2016 i decided with my two boys to standardize our railroad equipment. At this moment we owned one Bachmann TenWheeler from the South Pacific Coast Railroad SPC which was in our opinion one of the most beautiful steam locos we had seen so far in G scale ..(our opinion :) ) the decision was taken that our railroad would be th SPC NG. It took months to get suitable information out of the www and we bought three books from Bruce A. MacGregor, which helped a lot about this very interesting NG Railroad. I found this board when i was looking for colors to repaint my cars towards SPC colors and lettering.

In the meantime we have two TenWheeler (No21 and No22) which we digitized with Uhlenbrock system, small fans from artic cooling for the decoder, Visaton FRS 8 speakers, warm white LED, extra power supply from all wheels, extra weight,...30 meters track with 12 switches, all radius3 (LGB system)
Currently we also have repainted about 6 box and 7 flatcars towards SPC with decals from round house. lettering not 100% according historic photos taken out of the three books but very close to. Color taken is similar to Pantone 175c which i figured out from the paint scheme here in this board....
Thanks for that!

attached some photos taken this week and i´m looking forward to join here...

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