Book on Utah narrow gauge

North American Narrow Gauge; West of the Rockies (including Canada; Mexico).
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Randy Hees
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Book on Utah narrow gauge

Post by Randy Hees » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:57 pm

I recently encountered a 1962 book on the history of the Utah Northern (along with other Utah lines) Inter-mountain Railroads by Merrell Beal... published by Claxton Printers... 1962...

It is a very Mormon Centric history... but as the Mormons drove the organization and construction that is a valid view. It is well researched with sources cited... I suspect it will be a core source when writing a Utah Northern History for PacificNG... It seems to be little known by railroad historians (Hilton cites it in American Narrow Gauge)

Utah narrow gauge is only occasionally discussed, but the used equipment from those lines appeared in many other places... in Sumpter, at Ilwaco... Several of the Utah lines fell under the control of Union Pacific so UP narrow gauge equipment from the DSP&P, Kansas Central and others intermixed with the Utah Northern.

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Brian Norden
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Re: Book on Utah narrow gauge

Post by Brian Norden » Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:10 pm

Randy, that a good book for its era. I've had my copy for years and its been years since I've opened. I think you'll find that later writers about the Sumpter and the UN utilized it.

Also check out the Colorado RR Museum's annuals that discussed some of the Rio Grande Western predecessors.

Also check out Don Strack's Utah Rails. He may have some information on his site.
He once had up some of the writings of Prichard (sp?) on Utah narrow gauges and their locomotives (much based on newspaper accounts) -- but they were pulled down at Prichard's request. I may have a printout -- have to check on that; I think I know where to do the paper archeological dig.

Some of the 19th-century Utah newspapers seemed to have "railfan" reporters and editors.

Brian Norden

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Andrew Brandon
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Re: Book on Utah narrow gauge

Post by Andrew Brandon » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:11 am

I have the following references on the U&N in my library if you need them.

Beal, Merrill D. The Utah and Northern Railroad: Narrow gauge Idaho State University Press (1980)
Carr, Steven L. Utah Ghost Railroads Western Epics (1990)
Colorado Rail Annual No. 15: Idaho - Montana Issue, Colorado Railroad Museum, (1981)

Utah Ghost Railroads covers most of the railroads in Utah and is mostly a picture book. There are some helpful tidbits scattered through it.
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