Wanted! Your old, weird, obscure Alaska rail photos & info!

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Wanted! Your old, weird, obscure Alaska rail photos & info!

Post by saveitforparts » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:22 am

As many of you know, I've been researching the forgotten short line railroads and tramways in Alaska. After about 4 years, many helpful contributions, and a visit to the state archives in Juneau this summer, I'm getting closer to turning it into a book. However, I still have lots of nagging holes and gaps in my research. There are a few railroads & locomotives in the state with no photo documentation, and a few that are just rumors.

So, I'm soliciting any info that you fine folks might have on Alaskan rail oddities. I bet some of you have come across strange Alaska stuff that doesn't quite fit in with the big railroads like the ARR, WP&Y, CRNW, etc (I'm mainly avoiding those since they're well-documented already). Maybe you have a photo of a strange 0-4-0 someone found in the woods, or a map of tracks where they shouldn't exist, or a story of a locomotive shipped to some obscure Alaskan town from "down south". Maybe you or someone you know has a railroad artifact found on a distant island or swamp? Maybe you have something where you thought "This label saying Alaska couldn't possibly be right". That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for!

While I know it's a long shot, I'm especially looking for any photos of the Porter 0-4-2 in Dry Bay, the locomotive at Herendeen Bay, the locomotive(s) from Homer, the homemade wooden train from Livengood, and anything from Funter Bay, Rodman Bay, Sumdum, Hadley, Dolomi, or Shakan. Or if anything on my website rings a bell!

The page with my research to-date is https://saveitforparts.wordpress.com/pr ... of-alaska/ (yes, I know it's a long url and a long wall of text, I hope to clean up the website along with the book!)

I'd also appreciate any links to relevant forums, Facebook pages, etc where I could poke around for more info, or any contacts you'd be willing to share for people who might have more info like this! I'm always happy to give credit on the website and in the future book!

Thanks in advance!

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