Kahuku Plantation diesel confusion

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Kahuku Plantation diesel confusion

Post by Randy Hees » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:39 am

I was assembling/organizing my information on Vulcan Iron works of Wilkes Barre. (some of it copies from the Smithsonian, from the visit with Andrew and Liza) and as usual, found something unexpected... This involving Kahuku plantation...

In Sugar Trains, Conde and Best list two diesels, No 1 (2nd) and No 2 (3rd) as “Whitcomb diesel” with no additional information other than noteing their sale to Northern Railroad Company of Costa Rica in 1955. In reviewing the Vulcan construction list (found on Taplines, Steam Locomotive Builders CD) , it turns out that it is likely that one of these two were instead built by Vulcan Locomotive of Wilkes Barre PA.

That list shows: C/N 4293 and 4294, built 1/1941 for the Naval Ammunition Depot, Bremerton Washington, B-B Diesel, 300 hp, 70,000 lbs, as numbers 3 & 4, No 3 to Kahuku Plantation, no date provided (Conde/Best suggest 1948), and No 4 to Northern Railroad Company of Costa Rica 1955

Sugar Trains (p 300) includes two articles from the Honolulu Advertiser... The first dated March 21, 1955, about the end of railroad operations on the plantation says the locomotives are a 45 ton Whitcomb, and a 35 ton Cummins, the second article dated April 14, 1955, reports the two locomotives, "35 and 45 tons respectively" being shipped.

The description of a 35 ton, Cummins locomotive suggests that it might be the 70,000 lb Vulcan using a Cummins engine...

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