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California \ Marsh Lumber Company

The Marsh Lumber Company.

By John Barnhill

T he Horton Bros was established in 1891 in the Red Clover Valley seven miles north of Beckwith,CA. Over the next few years the mill and timber holdings were expanded and in 1900 steam traction engines were purchased to haul the lumber to Beckwith to be loaded onto the Sierra Valleys Railway. Towards the end of 1901, the Boca & Loyalton Railroad had reached Beckwith and the Horton Bros changed shippers. The B&L articles of incorporation allowed them to build an extension northward towards the Red Clover Valley but a crossing of the Sierra Valleys caused many years to be spent in court. Finally a 3.17 mile branch was built to a spot called Horton Landing where the lumber would be loaded onto railcars. Soon the Horton Bros. built a new mill in Loyalton with the B&L providing transportation from Horton Landing.

In 1906 the Marsh Lumber company aquired the Horton Bros operations. During 1910 a seven mile narrow gauge line was begun at Horton Landing and a connection with the Boca & Loyalton and built over the summit to the old mill site. Marsh also added several timber spurs along the way. One shay and two Baldwins along with twelve logging cars were also bought to operate on the line. An additional five lumber cars were added at a later date.

By 1917 financial issues forced the company to be sold and the Clover Valley Lumber Co was formed to take over the properties. The line and the shay were converted to standard gauge. History is unsure what became of the railroad's two Baldwin locomotives.

California \ Marsh Lumber Company
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