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Freight Roster

Compiled by Randy Hees.

NPC Circa 1880


All numbers even only
Numbers are an informed guess, with high confedence
Car Counts match numbers of cars reported in Poors & Railroad Comm. Reports

No's Builder Date No of cars Style
2-60 Carter 1875 30 24' 8 ton, mixed Vent & reg
62-86 Carter 1892 13 24' 15 ton, ventilator

Alan's roster shows this group survives intact to NS ownership, probably with original numbers, but most of the 8 ton cars do not make it to NWP.

Alan includes a boxcar 5. Its number sequence doesn't work, and it is way too heavy for a boxcar

Alan also includes 33 cars numbered 88 to 94, then unknown, and 18 cars used from SPC. SPC records show 50 cars sold to NS.


All numbers odd only.

Numbers are an informed guess

Car counts are based primarily on news reports, and are suspect.

No's Builder Date No of cars Style
1-19 Kimball 1873 20 cars 24' 8 ton cars
Possibly had tapered sills, likely all gone very early.
21-299 Carter 1874-75 140 cars 24' 8 ton cars
Typical Carter lapped side sill at end beam Angled cut on transom beams.
301-603 B&S 1876 150 cars 8 ton, length uncertain
Assembled by the Carters from kits.

North Shore

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