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California \ Watsonville Transportation Co. \ Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clippings.

Collected and transcribed from various newspapers. Articles are grouped by Newspaper name and date.

The Pajaronian.

April 23, 1903.
Construction Crew Arrives.
Machinery and Tools Being Transferred To Wharf Site.
G. E. Carey, who is in charge of the construction work on the Watsonville Transportation Co's new wharf on Monterey bay, which is to be built by Healey, Tibbits & Co., of San Francisco, has arrived here with a crew of eight men and a large amount of machinery and tools. The construction equipment is being transferred today from Watsonville to the bay shore. The present force of men will be sufficient to do the preliminary work, but just as soon as arrangements can be made to handle more men the force will be greatly increased and the work will be handled with all possible dispatch. Many unavoidable obstacles have arisen to delay the work on the wharf, but it is now hoped that nothing will occur to check future progress. The "Aurelia" with her cargo of piling and lumber is sure to be here within the next 48 hours. In the meantime the construction force will will h ave its apparatus in shape to handle the work in good shape. The promoters of the new railroad feel highly elated over the prospects of early work on the enterprise and will rush with all haste the construction of the wharf and the building of the road between this city and the beach. Two pile drivers will be used on the wharf, one to drive the main piles and another to place the secondary or brace piles. The condition of the sand at the bottom of the bay will have much to do with the progress of pile driving, but it is hoped that no serious drawback from that source will be met with. The completion and and equipment of the Watsonville Transportation Co's new electric line will be a source of congratulation up[on the part of residents of this section.

San Francisco Call.

Thumbnail of article. Arrival of the steamer Kilburn at Watsonville thrills citizens.
Details on the delivery of "F. A. Kilburn" and Watsonville Transportation Co. plans.
San Francisco Call, April 24, 1904.
Courtesy CDNC.

California \ Watsonville Transportation Co. \ Newspaper Clippings
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