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Narrow Gauge Railroads of Washington.

Common Carrier Railroads.

Columbia & Puget Sound Railroad.
3’ Gauge. Reorganized from the Seattle & Walla Walla Railroad in November 1880 after being purchased by the Oregon Improvement Company. The line primarily hauled coal from the mines near Newcastle and Franklin to the company wharf in Seattle. Financial complications lead to the line being standard gauged in 1897.
Newcastle to Seattle, King County. 1880 - 1897(NG)
Seattle & Walla Walla Railroad and Navigation.
3' Gauge. Seattle's first railroad, built in reaction to Northern Pacific's 1873 decision to locate its western terminus in Tacoma rather than in Seattle. The Seattle & Walla Walla began at Steele's Landing on the Duwamish River, and eventually extended for 21 miles to the coal mines of Newcastle, in South King County.
Seattle to Newcastle, King County. 1873 - 1880

Logging Railroads.

Biles Coleman Lumber Co.
3' Gauge.
Omak, Wa.

Industrial Railroads.

Apex Gold Mine Railroad.
3' Gauge. Located in 1892 the Apex mine constructed a railroad in 1906 to haul ore from their Concentrator to Berlin station on the Great Northern. Powered initially by horses, the line purchased a Shay locomotive in 1910. The operation struggled until 1937 when the state constructed a road near the mine utilizing the right of way.

Berlin to Apex Mine, King County. 1906 - 1937

Transit Lines.

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